Herbal Pro are focused on providing unique lifestyle products for every day ailments. Our team consists of people that are all equally passionate about bringing products globally that can help the population with their transitioning lifestyles. The idea of Herbal Pro began in the UK, where we saw the increase in lifestyle issues globally. Herbal Pro decided to focus on markets in Europe, Africa and Asia. Herbal Pro opened offices across these countries and placed a focus on providing natural health solutions to places that currently lacked such products. We believe that your health is more valuable then your wealth, and therefore by going down a natural route, you can go on to live a healthier and happier life.

Herbal Pro have spent many years working hard to develop and bring in Herbs and other Natural Ingredients from Asia to Europe/Africa, but also, from Africa to Europe/Asia. Our ability to provide proven and tested products globally can be credited to the fact we truly have a global presence.

At Herbal Pro it is our belief that we can make a positive difference in your life. We are the exclusive distributors for certain herbal ranges across the African continent, including places such as Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Through our experience in Europe, we have been able to develop and manufacture reputable supplements, herbal products, cosmetics, and so on. Herbal Pro is continuing to develop relationships to get product exclusivities in the markets that we operate.


We believe that your changing lifestyle can be easily managed if you were equipped with the right tools and we want to supply you with those tools. Some of the issues that come about because of lifestyle changes include weight gain, nutritional deficiencies and ‘bad bacteria’ build up. Despite not sounding life-threatening, all of these consequences can eventually transpire into serious illnesses. Substantial weight gain, for example, is linked with heart disease, heart attacks, heart failure, breathing problems and diabetes (to name a few!).


In the last two decades the world has experienced a remarkable shift of lifestyle. One of the biggest, yet most discreet, consequences of a rapidly developing country is often peoples’ lifestyles. As people become busier with work, wealthier and more content, they generally also become much unhealthier. Because people believe that this is just a part of life, it is often ignored until it is too late. In reality this shifting lifestyle can be an attributing factor to why countries rapidly developing also see a sudden influx of chronic disease patients. At Herbal Pro we have identified some of the leading caused of lifestyle issues. As a result we have spent many years with scientists, doctors and professionals, in order to research and develop product ranges for our customers.