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Spirulina Powder (Organic)

Spirulina Powder (Organic)

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Spirulina is a blue-green algae known for its high protein level and dense nutrient content. It is one of the world’s most well-known health supplements and has been consumed for centuries. 

Our Organic Spirulina Powder is rich in essential amino acids lysine, methionine, cysteine, threonine, and phenylalanine which are crucial for... Read More

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How it works

All of Herbal Pro supplements provide essential vitamins and
minerals that may be lacking in your diet, ensuring your body
receives the necessary nutrients for optimal functioning.

Stage 1

In the initial stage, supplements can help establish a foundation of essential nutrients, addressing any potential dietary gaps and ensuring the body has a baseline of vitamins and minerals for basic functions.

Stage 2

As you progress, supplements can aid in optimizing performance by providing targeted support for specific goals, whether it's enhancing athletic performance, supporting cognitive function, or aiding in recovery after intense physical activity.

Stage 3

Supplements play a crucial role in maintaining long term wellness by supporting overall health, helping to prevent age-related deficiencies, and promoting a balanced and well nourished body throughout different stages of life.

An insight into the herb: Natural & Herbal Products

1. Gentle on the Body: Natural and herbal products often have milder effects on the body compared to some synthetic alternatives, making them suitable for individuals with sensitivities or those seeking gentler interventions.

2. Holistic Health Approach: Herbal products are often derived
from whole plants and are believed to work synergistically with the body, addressing not just symptoms but also underlying imbalances. This aligns with a holistic approach to health, considering the interconnectedness of various bodily systems.

3. Fewer Side Effects: Many natural and herbal products have fewer reported side effects compared to some synthetic
medications. While individual responses may vary, the perception is that using natural alternatives can minimize the
risk of adverse reactions.

4. Sustainability and Environmental Impact: Choosing natural and herbal products often aligns with sustainability practices. Cultivating and harvesting herbs can be less resource-intensive compared to the production of some synthetic drugs. Additionally, the use of herbal remedies may reduce the environmental impact associated with the manufacturing and disposal of pharmaceuticals.

Spirulina Powder (Organic) Nutrition Facts

Serving Size

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Spirulina is a blue-green algae known for its high protein level and dense nutrient content.... Read More

Spirulina Powder (Organic)

Natural and Scientifically Tested.

Suggested for you:

Choosing natural alternatives for health,
skincare or food consumption can help reduce
exposure to potentially harmful substances,
promoting a more environmentally friendly and
health-conscious lifestyle

How many

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How herbal and natural products help?

Holistic Wellness

✔ Mild and Gentle

Rich in Nutrients

Personalized Approach

Environmental Sustainability

Support for Long-Term Health

Advantages of Preventative Healthcare?

Early Detection of Conditions

Improved Quality of Life

Reduced Disease Burden

Enhanced Productivity

Empowerment and Patient Education

Reduced Healthcare Disparities

What can Preventative Healthcare do for you?

Early Detection and Intervention

Regular check-ups and screenings as part of preventative healthcare can help detect potential health issues at an early stage.


1. Early detection allows for prompt intervention and treatment when conditions are in their initial stages.

2. Early detection and intervention can lead to cost savings in healthcare.

KEY FACT: Early detection and intervention are crucial in preventing the progression of certain conditions.

Improved Overall Health and Well-being

Prioritizing a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep contributes to improved overall health and wellbeing.


1. Regular exercise, a key component of improved overall health and well-being, has been associated with numerous benefits, including better cardiovascular health

2. Maintaining a nutritious diet as part of an overall health and well-being strategy is linked to various positive outcomes

KEY FACT: Adequate sleep is a critical component of improved overall health and well-being. Quality sleep plays a vital role in physical and mental health, affecting functions such as immune response, cognitive performance, and emotional well being.

Increased Productivity and Quality of Life

Balancing work responsibilities with personal well-being fosters increased productivity and a higher quality of life.


1. Increased productivity often leads to professional success. By efficiently managing tasks, meeting deadlines, and maintaining focus, individuals are more likely to excel in their careers.

2. Striking a balance between work and personal life, a key aspect of quality of life, contributes to enhanced wellbeing.

KEY FACT: Regular physical activity, a key component of a healthy lifestyle, has been linked to increased productivity.


Please see product description. Ingredients can also be found on the product.

We recommend most citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons, and limes as they contain high levels of vitamin C.

No it cannot be used when breastfeeding or when pregnant.

It is recommended that you consult with your medical practitioner

This depends on stock availability at our warehouses.

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Customer Reviews


"I've been using Herbal Pro
supplements for a few months now, and I am incredibly
pleased with the results. The quality of their products is
evident, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my
overall well-being. Their customer service is also exceptional,
making the entire experience with Herbal Pro highly satisfying.

Jane S.


"I am a loyal customer of Herbal
Pro, and their commitment to quality is evident in every
product. The herbal blends are thoughtfully crafted, and I
particularly love Flex. I've seen positive changes in my health
since incorporating Herbal Pro supplements into my daily

Sarah L.


"Herbal Pro's supplements have
been a game-changer for my immune system. The Elderberry
and Vitamin C blend is my go-to during flu season, and I've
noticed a significant decrease in the frequency of illnesses. The
quality and potency of their products make Herbal Pro my top
choice for immune support.”

Emily H.


"I've been using Herbal Pro’s
Snooze (Sleep Support) for a month now, and it has helped me
achieve a more restful sleep. The herbal ingredients are a plus,
and I wake up feeling refreshed. Overall, satisfied with the
product's efficacy."

.David M.